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Welcome to the home of Green Chi Academy.

Green Chi Academy provides investment education in a fun, gamified format, curriculum, and community, fostering investments guided by sustainable development goals (SDGs). We have developed proprietary investment apps, tools and content. As part of the Green Chi investment, education and media platform, our community will bring together students, investors, corporations, startups, research institutions and governments to support innovation.

Course Line-up for 2022 – Get on our Waiting List!

Green Chi Basics

The two-course Green Chi Basic Training will teach you how to practice eco-sustainable personal finance and investing. With videos, quizzes, and materials you will learn to use our proprietary investment tools to effectively read and understand money flows in order to act and transact effectively as a consumer, investor, entrepreneur and activist.

Advanced Topics

Beyond the basics takes Green Chi Academy into topics of activism, entrepreneurship and wellbeing in the workplace. Additional course soon to come are in the works!

Each course will consist of a series of 15-minute power lessons through which you learn to use our proprietary financial tools and create your personal financial path.

Each lesson will include your own personal tools, along with videos, quizzes and a trove of follow-up materials.

Membership will provide unlimited access to our tools, content library and our Green Chi community where you can find support and share ideas with other members.

Check out our communities talking about  some of today’s most interesting sectors